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Awesome live surgery course in Tijuana :)

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Writer Jihun Lee Date 20-03-09 15:48
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I went to the Feb 2020 Live Surgery course in Tijuana. 

I was so nervous to attend as a complete beginner in implants, however felt so looked after throughout the whole course. 


I was lucky enough to experience a variety of cases such as simple, immediate, guided surgery and wisdom exos. 

At all times, the highly experienced and knowledgeable team of instuctors would be watching over us to make sure things were done in the correct way. As a beginner, all the little practical tips (such as correct approaching position of the drills during surgery and grip of forceps during exo) from the faculty were so valuable and it's something you'd only be able to get from this live surgery course with different specialists from around the world. 

I love Dr Kim's simplified method in extractions and implants! And this course gives you the proper experience of that. Cannot recommend it enough. 

I've never been to a course where you feel so looked after - you get a comfy bed, good food and meet some great people as well.

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Thank you ^^

Dr. Youngsam Kim's Live surgery course
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