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3rd mexico live surgery course in tijuana (May 24, 2019)

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This album shows Dr Kim's thrid live surgery course at Tijuana held in May 17-20 2019. Now we can clearly see that we are getting more crowded and crowded! This time we had new dentists and specialists from America (3), Australia (2) Canada (1) and Pakistan (1). This course was fully occupied in 2 weeks! Everyone was very exicted to meet a lot of new people, and learn a lot from the course. In 4 days of course we absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the course. This was especially great oppportunity for new dentist or new to implant, as there were a lot of seniors and specialists who gave them priceless advices as they perform surgeries 'live'. Different advices from different people on the same case enable us to learn so much in such a short time, which we were all very satisfied with. Not only the advice, but also we were privileged to choose difficulty of cases or areas of mouth that we wished to operate on. This was a great merit for even experienced dentists, as we do not encounter cases that we specifically look for back in our offices, such as difficult sinus cases, short and narrow mandibular cases, lower anterior with MS implant, etc... Faculty tutors and Dr. Kim were really fantastic and without a doubt we all would want to come back for the course again, especially for the 'great dinner and drinks as well :)' 


Written by Hector Shin























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