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I wish I met Dr. Youngsam Kim earlier in my dental career!

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Writer Chungmi Kim Date 20-02-14 12:06
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I have taken his wisdom tooth extraction lecture twice, and been to Mexico twice for live surgery course, and I'm planning to take his implant lecture in May and re-visit Mexico for live surgery in November, and more to come. I never thought I would take same lecture more than once and continue with same instructor. However, I found myself applying what I learned right away and found myself doing new procedures I always hesitated to start. Dr. Younsam Kim makes it so simple and focuses on building your foundation to grow.  


I have noticed that lots of implant courses out there has different levels and you take them in the order. However, in real life, there is no level when you place implant at your office. What seems super easy may end up being very complicated. With Dr. Kim's course, you get to do all the planning and instructors will teach you the required procedures to have successful implant placement. That requirement is different for each patient/case and I feel like that is why you may take this course multiple times and still learn a lot.  Also, when I say successful implant placement, it's not just about osseointegrated implant, I'm talking about esthetically and restoratively successful implant placement.


Other implant live surgery course I took were so dwelled on the total number of implant placement that quality was compromised. It was more like “how many did you place today? Hmm,, we have bone here, let’s place one more here”. I think that's why I hesitated to place implant in my office because I knew that it wasn't the best care for the patient. I have my own private practice and I'm not planning to go anywhere. Every implant I place, every patient I take out wisdom teeth, I'm married to it for life, and trust me, I want to have happy marriage for a long long time. It’s always the patient who suffers at the end of the day, so let’s get the best education we can get.

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