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Best live surgery ever!

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Writer Dahee Jung Date 20-03-03 09:00
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Dr Kim's implant live surgery was exceptional and worth of every moment! 

It was my very first implant live surgery and I was worried about the fact that I had to perform surgery on actual patient without any experience but it was mindblowing experience and so much fun!

The instructors were very supportive and easy to approach. They have taught me every single steps and what can be done to improve or prevent mistake so I got to learn so much more than just placing implant. 

Even it was my first experience, I got to see variety of cases and instructors guide me through from start to finish. The best part was that even if I made little mistake, they let me fix the issue straight away until we get a perfect result. 

The whole course was full on but very organized and I'm definately going back to get more hands on but also to see all the people I met over there as they were the team that I would never forget. 

I strongly x100 suggest this course for all those people who are performing implant surgery so dont miss out!

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