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A must Live Surgery for anyone interested in Implantology

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Writer Seung-Ha Yoo Date 20-03-11 09:51
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I am a general dentist who practices in Sydney Australia and prior to attending this course, I had about 30~40 implants placed with guided surgery. I have been to numerous courses and a year-long course in Australia. 


Having attended Mexico live surgery in Feb 2020, I cannot recommend more to anyone who would like to take their implant journey a bit more seriously. I have learnt so many tips and the most updated knowledge on implantology. It greatly improved my confidence in placing the implants for the best long term result. 


The live surgery course is full of action and starts right away. At the pre-clinical lectures, you learn from the greats minds of different lecturers including a periodontist and oral maxillofacial surgeon with their gems of knowledge. In the hands-on section, you practice your sutures non-stop. I've never done that many sutures in my life at one sitting and you quickly realise how your suture technique can improve so much more. 


Dr Young Sam Kim is such a humorous and humble down-to-earth person that you can reach out to him any time. But most importantly, he is the guru in implantology in the most efficient and simplest way that I feel very fortunate to have him as my mentor of my implant journey. He focuses on simplifying the techniques that work in real clinical situations and he encourages his students to apply them in real life the Monday after. 


Every night at the end of the day, the whole group would go to these amazing Mexican restaurants to have fun and build relationships (by the way, the lunch was just as amazing with those ribs too). I was very fortunate to part of such a nice, genuine people who are all passionate about dentistry. We all perhaps had too much fun every night with a bit too much tequila but we all became good friends. I can't wait for the next opportunity to join them again for this amazing week. 


Once again, I highly recommend this live surgery course to anyone interested in implantology. Every dollar will be worth it. 

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